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Jakobi Lundy-Bass: Love for debate is not debatable

In my days of debate I have seen a lot of things take place. The growth of critical debate in my regional rounds, the way critical debate has affected my relationship with some of the people in my life, and the interesting ways in which I meet people. The door to my future opened as I was trying to formulate what I wanted to do with my life and devising ways to get there.

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Pershing alumni give back

By Daisha Posey Staff Writer The Pershing Alumni Board is paving the way for students to achieve success in college. The Alumni Board offers three $1,000 scholarships to Pershing students for college, while also being mentors and role models to students. “Pershing students are important to the alumni association,” said Ann Connally, President of the Alumni Board.

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DPS introduces new attendance policy

By Sharneisha Morris and Isis Givans Staff Writers Detroit Public Schools is striving to increase the number of students attending classes daily by introducing and enforcing s the 3-6-9 policy this year. This new attendance policy works in a series of stages: After three days of consecutive unexcused absences, the student’s parent/guardian will be notified by a counselor.

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Pershing’s library converted into STEM Lab

By Dionte Ford Staff Writer One of most prominent changes Pershing High School undertook this school year was intertwining technology and education in the new STEM Lab. The new STEM Lab located in the school’s library was outfitted with five computer/technology islands for students to use for video editing, gaming, Photoshop, flight simulation, robotics, music mixing, and many other creative technology fields. “It’s fun and helps you know more about technology before you go to college,” freshman Kayla Jackson said.

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‘The Future’ of Renaissance

[headline size="medium"]Project promotes better learning experience for students[/headline] By Brandy Blackwell, DeOnna McKay and Yaw Wiafe-Akenten Staff Writers Renaissance welcomes Dream Director Toni Jones and the non-profit Future Project this year as a way to encourage students to take an active role in planning their future goals and dreams and then making those a reality by casting their visions.

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Students are leaders at EEVPA

By Taylar Berry Staff Writer Leadership is a program at East English Village Preparatory Academy (EEVPA) that allow students from East English to tutor students at Clark Elementary/Middle School. Three years ago Lear Corporation CEO Matthew Simoncini, an alums of Clark, wanted to do something to improve the test scores at Clark.

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No longer a ‘priority’: Douglass improves

By Kristian Craig Staff Writer This school year, Fredrick Douglass Academy is off the state of Michigan Priority School List. “Douglass ranked in the bottom 5% of schools in the state of Michigan [last year],” said Christopher Bryant, Douglass curriculum specialist and school improvement chair. Bryant said Douglass had been on the priority school list the last two years, but has been working to improve test scores. When the school was put on the list they didn’t say “we put you on this list, so figure out what the problem is,” Bryant said. Bryant said that Douglass was given help by Wayne RESA and the State of Michigan.

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