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Cass Tech


Cultural appropriation is not so appropriate

Culture Appropriation is to deal with the adoptions of the elements of a minority’s culture by members of a dominant culture. Recently Cass Technical High School Junior Elka Boyd received a cluster of backlash in regards to culture appropriation.


Black Panther makes Marvel history

The new and upcoming movie Black Panther which is set to be released February 16th has been receiving amazing feedback ever since the movie was first brought into existence.


Is it worth spending more on designer brands?

Forever 21 or Prada?  H&M or Gucci? Are we spending too much, or not enough? So the question is: What is the purpose of spending more on clothes when less expensive will cover you just the same?” Could it be quality or image?   What makes these clothes better than the others?


Can we make school lunch great again?

Enough of trying to make America great again, let’s makes school lunch great again. Cass Technical High school has a student body over 1,500 and it is sad to say that more than half go hungry each day from skipping lunch.


Teens fail to realize effects of using drugs

“Hello this is a 911 operator what is your emergency?” “Hello?! My friend took some pills and will not wake up!” “Okay ma’am, stay calm help is on the way.”      Teen drug abuse is a very serious situation all over the country.



 On September 26, 2017 Ivanka Trump, Quicken Loans Chairman Dan Gilbert, and tech experts held a panel in Detroit on the importance of Stem education and coding in the United States.

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