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Cass Tech football team adapts to change

<p>Senior running back Brent Parker moves past the defense. Photo by Quinten Love.</p>

Senior running back Brent Parker moves past the defense. Photo by Quinten Love.

The Cass Tech football team continues its season during the coronavirus pandemic. The season began Sept. 19 and is currently on hold during as high school sports in Michigan have been paused through Dec. 8.

The  season has been different than any other seasons before it. The Michigan High School Athletic Association (MHSAA) gave guidelines on what the season should look like, based on executive orders made by Gov. Gretchen Whitmer. Players have to adhere to the rules like social distancing and wearing masks. The general public is not allowed to attend the game and only the players are given tickets to share with their families.

Senior running back Brent Parker said, “A big change of playing football during a pandemic is we have to wear mask now and that does affect our breathing and stamina."

Parker also said social distancing during practice can be challenging.

"We have to be spaced out now no matter where we are, wether it’s the locker room, field, weight room. we have to respect social distancing," Parker said.

Despite the challenges that high school football players are facing during the pandemic, most are grateful that they are still having their season.

The playoffs have been delayed three weeks after Whitmer announced the most recent shutdown, which began on Nov. 16. When the shutdown is over, the MHSAA will decide how to go about finishing the playoffs. Cass Tech will play Belleville when play resumes.


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