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Passing Time

Survey shows seniors would like added time between classes

<p>Passing time on the 5th floor at Cass Tech. Photo by Javar Chavers.</p>

Passing time on the 5th floor at Cass Tech. Photo by Javar Chavers.

The skill of time management is essential to everyday life. On Nov. 22, 34 Cass Tech seniors were given a 10-question survey on their opinions about Cass Tech’s attendance policy.

The survey was posted to a class group chat of 60 students and it was only available for one hour. Thirty-four seniors responded to the survey. The information in the directions clearly stated that the information gathered from the survey was for entertainment and informative purposes only.

The biggest takeaway from the 10-question survey was that Cass Tech seniors believe that adding an extra minute to the existing passing time would reduce tardies and therefore increase learning time.

“I think it could be beneficial because it takes a long time to get from one of your classes to the next class, because there are a thousand people in the hallway,” CT student Erin Perkins said. “If you have to stop and go to the bathroom that’s going to take awhile because a lot of our teachers don’t allow us to go to the bathroom or go get water.

“If you have to stop at your locker to go get homework or something like that, a lot of times your teachers won’t let you leave out of class and if you have a class on the sixth floor and your class could be on three, it’s going to take longer to get there.”

Assistant principal Tiffany Cox said that she does not necessarily feel that adding a minute would help the seniors get to their classes on time and ultimately avoid being tardy. Attendance gents Kimberly Redd and Stacie Wilson agree with Cox that adding a minute to the 5 minute passing time would not decrease senior tardiness. 

“Students need to make sure that they are prepared with their clothing, what they are going to eat, whatever resources and materials they need in order to make sure they can get to their classes on time,” Cox said.


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