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Cass Tech girls swim team brings home gold

<p>The Cass Tech girls swim team celebrates its league championship.</p>

The Cass Tech girls swim team celebrates its league championship.

The Detroit Public School League held its girls swim team championship in late November. The championship was held at Western High School with clear and proper COVID-19 guidelines. Cass Tech's girls swim team won the championship for the third year in a row. 

Swim team coach Kia Jones said winning the championship was an amazing feeling because at the beginning of the year they were unsure if there would be a season. She also said that keeping the team safe and healthy was top priority and that CT swim team did an amazing job at staying healthy and focused. 

"The ladies worked hard, stayed healthy, focused and had fun and finished a great season in such a difficult time," Jones said.

“The team will continue to be successful as long as they recruit good swimmers, and practice year round," said Cass Tech’s girls swim team captain Georgia Travis.

Travis explained how her role as captain played a part in the team’s success. 

"I talked and gave a lot of the girls support whether it was personal or if it was about school or the team," Travis said.


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