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Cass Tech hosts virtual Spirit Week

Cass Tech hosted a virtual Spirit Week for students 9-12. Spirit week lasted from Oct. 12-16. Students participated by dressing up and changing their backgrounds to the theme of the day. 

The days of Spirit Week were Nickelodeon Day, Career Day, Crazy Hair Day, Vacation Day, and Future vs. Past Day. Although school is virtual, Cass Tech still hosted Spirit Week to celebrate traditional school events. 

“It is imperative that we do the events we can, even though they aren’t done under usual circumstances, so we can have some level of normalcy,” senior class president Harrison Haywood said. 

Not many students participated in the event, but senior Ni’Matullah Watkins made the best of virtual spirit week.

“I participated in Spirit Week because it was something that I wanted to do to make myself happy, and I participated every other year so why not this year,” Watkins said. 

With the beginning of the year being virtual, it has been difficult to connect with other students and motivate students to engage in events. 

“A lot of people don’t participate in events because their friends aren't participating,” Haywood said. “However, it shouldn't matter whether or not others participate.” 

With the senior class being so large (more than 500 students) and state and district regulations due to COVID-19, the events usually done around this time of the year are restricted.

“As seniors, we must understand and realize that things will not take place how they have in the past,” Haywood said. “Once we do that we can become open minded to these new possibilities, make history, and experience senior year the way it should be experienced.”


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