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Student Life

Seniors Asia Montgomery, Messiah Hicks, LaKharia McKinney, Khary Martin, Darian Rucker and MaKayla Montgomery have formed lasting friendships over the last four years.

How to get through senior year

By the time a student becomes a senior, he or she has very important decisions to make. Students have to get their priorities in order to make sure they walk across the stage this summer. “It’s a lot more work being a senior.  You have to crack down on your work and make sure you have all your credits,” said senior Raquon Walker. Being a senior can be very challenging and very exciting.

Crusaders for Christ allows students to express their religious beliefs, pray, and build a family bond.

Crusaders for Christ builds religious confidence

King has many clubs and organizations but one that does not get a lot of recognition is Crusaders for Christ.  This faith-based group allows students to express their religious beliefs and focuses on sharing the word of God with other students. “Crusaders for Christ started before I got here at King," said math teacher Dwayne Harvey.

Mentor Delana Bailey discusses how to deal with life challenges with her four ninth grade mentees.

New mentoring program introduced at King

High school life can be tough for freshmen.  With a new environment, they can be very impressionable.  Aside from school issues like academics and peer pressure, they may have challenges in their personal life.

Douglass principal Berry Greer enjoys playing music and used to be a band director.

Getting to know ... Principal Berry Greer

The Eye of the Hurricane staff interviewed Frederick Douglass principal Berry Greer so students could learn a little more about him. Question: What aspect of your job do you enjoy the most? Seeing the boys grow from boys to young men because most of them have been here since sixth grade. Answer: What are your hobbies? My hobbies are model rockets and I also play in a big band [Ben's Friends]. Q: What was your position before being principal? A: I came up through the ranks, I was a dean of students and assistant principal. Q: What inspired you to be a principal? A: I [was] never really inspired to be a principal.

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