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Students spend week in Canada

<p>Goes Global's ninth graders visited Toronto, Canada.</p>

Goes Global's ninth graders visited Toronto, Canada.

This is has been a busy season for Detroit Goes Global mentorship program. 

I never imagined the experiences I would encounter when I signed up last fall for Detroit Goes Global, a mentorship program for Detroit ninth graders that prepares participants for college and careers. This issue I am sharing about the global immersion trip to Canada and the Skillman Foundation competition.

For example, I am learning a lot about etiquette, such as how to eat at a table; body language, and business attire. With body language, I have learned that if someone is standing with their arms folded that they aren’t approachable. And with business attire, I am expanding my knowledge on how to dress for success. 

Earlier this year, Goes Global students spent a week in Canada travelling to Montreal, Toronto and Niagara Falls. It was a great opportunity to see a different environment and culture, and that is preparing us for travelling outside of the U.S. 

“It changed my perspective about our community and environment, and inspired me to change my, surroundings and the way I interact with people,” said Abbriel W., a ninth grader Goes Global participant.  

“The trip allowed me to have a brighter and larger view of the world,” said Asia B, another ninth grade Goes Global participant. 

In February, Goes Global participated in a competition to pitch our organization to the Skillman Foundation and share information at a community expo. We competed with 20 other organizations to win $50,000 and competed for an additional $5,000 in the community voting competition. 

We earned the most community votes and won the $5,000; that was exciting. 

Now we are planning for our June trip to Jamaica and preparing for a new cohort of ninth graders. My final review and reflection will appear in the next issue.


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