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Program helps build skills for students

Benjamin Carson High School of Science and Medicine is home to a Clinic for Success. The clinic’s mission is simply to help students become successful.

The Clinic for Success is home to academic interventionist Tommie Walker, college adviser Sean Henry, two counselors Rhika Mitchell and Miilicynt Horton, and an attendance officer.

The clinic works closely with the senior class helping with such things as academics, college applications and time management.

“Time management is one of the things they struggle with the most,” Henry said.

Time is winding down and staff members of the clinic are trying to do anything necessary to help the seniors. They all agreed that effort has improved but more work is needed to be done.

“Senioritis hit them hard early this year,” Walker said.

The Class of 2019 has had its struggles, but the real world will soon teach them how to use the skills provided while in high school.

“The clinic helped me learn to deal with life’s challenges,” senior Jamal Thomas said. 

“I felt the clinic inspired me to be my best,” senior Demon Wright said.

Rhika Mitchell added: “In a matter of months students are going to realize that there is no one there to help you navigate through college.”


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