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The student voice of Detroit's High Schools.

Cass Tech

Principal Lisa Phillips and civil rights activist Jesse Jackson take a selfie with Cass Tech seniors following his inspiring speech during Cass Tech's National Registration Day Rally on Sept. 7.

Jesse Jackson inspires Cass Tech seniors to vote

As part of the National Registration Day on September 7, civil activist Reverend Jesse Jackson along with Mayor Mike Duggan and other political leaders, gathered at Cass Technical High School for a rally stressing the importance of voting to CT seniors. Reverend Jesse Jackson expressed the importance of young people voting and encouraging others to vote.

Senegal, Africa native Ndeye Rose Fall will play for Hampton University.

The Rose that grew from the concrete

Last year, Cass Tech girls basketball team played Detroit Country Day during the regular season, and Senegal, Africa native Ndeye Rose Fall’s competitive spirit kicked in. When Fall was a sophomore and played for Consortium High School, her team lost to Country Day.


CT students visit Japan

After a 17-hour plan ride, nine Cass Tech students arrived in Japan with former Japanese teacher Renee Packzowski and foreign language department administrator Lori Singleton. The trip was about $5,000 including plane tickets, hotel stays, food, entertainment and transportation.


My view: Best in the nation

As the class of 2016 seniors, we are thrilled to have been given a plethora of opportunities to become successful through Detroit Public Schools. Being a part of DPS since elementary school has given us the opportunity to see growth and changes that have both positively and negatively affects students DPS lose some of the best programs that we feel have shaped us as the students we are today. Teachers and administrators who show hard work and dedication like dance teacher Lisa Reynolds, who won Michigan’s Teacher of the Year, Natalie Barmore, who was named DPS high school Art Teacher of the Year, and counselor Sylvia Sanders, who won Counselor of the Year, are both from Cass Tech.

Michigan State University second year law students Chaz Gross and Angela White.

Cass Tech hosts conversation on ‘Black Lives Matter’

“Hands Up, Don't Shoot” is a saying heard through the protest held across the nation in midst of the numerous killings of black Americans at the hand of police officers. Michigan State University Law School and Cass Technical High School students paired together to start the conversation most schools will often try to avoid.


Summer programs can increase STEM knowledge

Is a summer job the way to start a three-month summer vacation? Maybe students will be interested in summer programs that match their interest in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics fields in Historical Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU). Summer programs have been proven to mitigate learning loss and produce achievement gains in the summer and leading up to the upcoming school year.

Cass Tech's Kaelyn Collins is ready to ride -- or roll.

Slow Roll Detroit

What it like to Slow Roll through Detroit? What's it like to Slow Roll? Cass Tech's Kameron Shakoor-Sanders shows us.


Earth Day is Every Day

Cass Tech senior Staria Dodson did not understand the point is Earth Day, so I decided to teach students what it is all about. Earth is one of the most unique out of the eight planets in our universe.

Cass Tech visited Michigan State on Feb. 23.

Cass Tech students visit Michigan State

Michigan State University's Diversity Services sponsored a chartered bus for Cass Tech juniors and seniors to visit and tour the MSU Law School and School of Communications in East Lansing on Feb.

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