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The student voice of Detroit's High Schools.


King’s Health Center welcomes all students, and they are ready to listen to whatever medical or social issue students face.

St. John Providence guides students in STI preventions

This year St. John Providence Health Center at King held its Annual STI Screening Event to keep teens informed about the negative possibilities involved in sexual contact. Sexually transmitted infections (STIs) are caused by bacteria, viruses or parasites through some physical contact.

Michigan State University second year law students Chaz Gross and Angela White.

Cass Tech hosts conversation on ‘Black Lives Matter’

“Hands Up, Don't Shoot” is a saying heard through the protest held across the nation in midst of the numerous killings of black Americans at the hand of police officers. Michigan State University Law School and Cass Technical High School students paired together to start the conversation most schools will often try to avoid.

Cass Tech's Kaelyn Collins is ready to ride -- or roll.

Slow Roll Detroit

What it like to Slow Roll through Detroit? What's it like to Slow Roll? Cass Tech's Kameron Shakoor-Sanders shows us.

Sophomore Anthony Womack shows support for the water crisis in Flint by helping with bottled water donations. Renaissance students collected more than 100 cases of bottled water.

Renaissance collects water for Flint

Renaissance High School is lending a helping hand to Flint. “It makes me proud to see my school give to those who aren't able to give back to us. Renaissance is more than what we seem,” said junior Tiaunna Bradley. Flint has been declared a federal emergency due to lead contamination in the water.

Renaissance German and mathematics teacher Zachary Sweet is a popular teacher who runs his class effectively and fairly. Students were surprised he was sued by Detroit Public Schools over recent sick-outs in the district.

Renaissance teacher slammed with unexplained injunction

Following the sick-out and teacher-organized protests that occurred in late January, the Renaissance community was shocked to learn that one of their teachers, Math instructor Zachary Sweet, was targeted by an injunction to appear in court leveled by the Detroit Public School district. “When I received the notice of the injunction, I was confused as to why there was no official reason given for it,” Sweet said.

Renaissance students stood in agreement with their teachers on Jan. 25 as they skipped school to protest outside the school for two hours.

​Renaissance responds to the crisis in DPS

Renaissance students stood in agreement with their teachers on Jan. 25 as they protested the poor quality materials, learning environment conditions and lack of funding in Detroit Public Schools. DPS teachers have held protests throughout the school year demanding that they receive better working conditions, as well as better pay and health care benefits.

Rukmini Carr

Movement has merit but affects learning

Many Detroit Public Schools teachers participating in sick-outs are not actually sick. Large groups of teachers are calling in “sick” to push for upgrades in schools because they cannot strike under state law. Teachers across the district (some students as well) are using this as a way of getting their points across, whether it’s striking outside of local schools or boycotting in front of Cobo Center while President Barack Obama toured the Detroit auto show.

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