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Sophomore Anthony Womack shows support for the water crisis in Flint by helping with bottled water donations. Renaissance students collected more than 100 cases of bottled water.

Renaissance collects water for Flint

Renaissance High School is lending a helping hand to Flint. “It makes me proud to see my school give to those who aren't able to give back to us. Renaissance is more than what we seem,” said junior Tiaunna Bradley. Flint has been declared a federal emergency due to lead contamination in the water.

Renaissance German and mathematics teacher Zachary Sweet is a popular teacher who runs his class effectively and fairly. Students were surprised he was sued by Detroit Public Schools over recent sick-outs in the district.

Renaissance teacher slammed with unexplained injunction

Following the sick-out and teacher-organized protests that occurred in late January, the Renaissance community was shocked to learn that one of their teachers, Math instructor Zachary Sweet, was targeted by an injunction to appear in court leveled by the Detroit Public School district. “When I received the notice of the injunction, I was confused as to why there was no official reason given for it,” Sweet said.

Renaissance students stood in agreement with their teachers on Jan. 25 as they skipped school to protest outside the school for two hours.

​Renaissance responds to the crisis in DPS

Renaissance students stood in agreement with their teachers on Jan. 25 as they protested the poor quality materials, learning environment conditions and lack of funding in Detroit Public Schools. DPS teachers have held protests throughout the school year demanding that they receive better working conditions, as well as better pay and health care benefits.

Rukmini Carr

Movement has merit but affects learning

Many Detroit Public Schools teachers participating in sick-outs are not actually sick. Large groups of teachers are calling in “sick” to push for upgrades in schools because they cannot strike under state law. Teachers across the district (some students as well) are using this as a way of getting their points across, whether it’s striking outside of local schools or boycotting in front of Cobo Center while President Barack Obama toured the Detroit auto show.


CMA community reacts to Flint water crisis

The water crisis in Flint is sparking outrage from the Communication & Media Arts High School community. “It’s just sad that the people of Flint have to suffer like this,” said Detroiter Sharlene Taylor.


Cass Tech NAACP president Waugh works to grow school chapter

Message from the president of the CT Chapter of the NAACP, Britney Waugh: Cass Tech is organizing its own chapter of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) to uplift, encourage, educate and bring awareness to the plight of multicultural adults growing up in today’s society. Meetings are held the second and fourth Wednesdays of each month, in room 616 (8th hour). New memberships are open at every meeting. The CT sponsor are Pamela Smith-Moy and Kamillia Landrum from the Detroit NAACP branch. The chapter’s goal for the first year are: >> Our first event is a police brutality forum called “Officers Speak Out” where students will be able to interact with officers asking about topics related to police brutality hearing their thoughts from an officer’s point of view. >> Voters registration drive to encourage 18 year olds to vote in next year’s presidential election

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