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The student voice of Detroit's High Schools.



'How you sound should not determine your character'

In my life I have encountered many situations where how I spoke made people think that I were smarter or “better” than them. Because I enunciated my words and spoke in full sentences, I was told I spoke “like a white girl.” As a young teen, I enjoyed reading, which might be where I developed my speech pattern of speaking in complete sentences.


She's our prince!

Renaissance High School junior Jamaria Johnson ran for homecoming prince -- and won. Traditionally, males run for duke, lord, prince, or king, while females run for dutchess, lady, princess or queen.

After the final stop on their college tour enjoyed some time in Virginia Beach.

Varsity chorus tours HBCUs

After 13 hours and a long bus ride, members from the Renaissance Varsity Chorus arrived at Morgan State University for the first stop of their annual college tour. “This is the first year in four years that we were able to go on tour and I’m really excited by the way it turned out,” said choral music instructor, Patrice DeBose.

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