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Detroit needs its own Coachella

Detroit needs a new event that will show off the youth and community in a good light. A “Detroit Coachella” musical festival could be the beginning, but some restrictions are needed to prevent it from turning chaotic.

Coachella is a popular weeklong musical festival that occurs annually in Coachella, California during the spring. Popular musical artists such as Lady Gaga, Kendrick Lamar, Drake, Martin Garrix, and Radiohead perform with hundreds of other artists. The event plays hip hop, reggae, pop, electric and rock’n roll, among other genres.

Detroit already hosts several music festivals, such as the Marshall Blues Festival, Detroit Jazz Festival, Movement and Tibbits. Most of these festivals, however, are for people who enjoy electric, blues, and jazz.

If Detroit were to have a weeklong musical festival with over one hundred performers, it would need a venue and sponsorship. Three venues that could work include Hart Plaza, Chene Park and Belle Isle. These venues are large, and can hold massive crowds. Major artists already have performed at these venues, including Lil Wayne, Jean-Luc Ponty, Erykah Badu and Monica.

While the promise of such an event is there, it would need sponsors. Perhaps artists from Detroit could donate to the event or even perform; they might even bring some of their musical friends to perform with them. Another source is the city government, because the event would generate revenues for the city and also bring tourists.

If this event is successful it could bring new cultures to Michigan and give Detroit a new feel. We would be known for than just automotive manufacturing. We could become known as a city that holds one of the biggest musical festivals in the world.


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