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Anthony Thomas

Freshmen Malik Smith, Damond Jackson, De’Ontea Owens, Hezekiah Green, and Jaisean Griffin applauding after reciting the Frederick Douglass creed with LTC Jefferson raising his fist in support.

Living History: Frederick Douglass students meet and talk with former Prisoner of War

U.S. Army Air Corps Lieutenant Colonel Alexander Jefferson, with tears in his eyes, raised his fist in the air, the 9th grade students at Frederick Douglass Academy for Young Men said the creed. In unison, the students recited “[...] honorable young men of integrity filled with potential and endless possibilities [...] we will meet and exceed the expectations of those who came before us.

Douglass principal Berry Greer enjoys playing music and used to be a band director.

Getting to know ... Principal Berry Greer

The Eye of the Hurricane staff interviewed Frederick Douglass principal Berry Greer so students could learn a little more about him. Question: What aspect of your job do you enjoy the most? Seeing the boys grow from boys to young men because most of them have been here since sixth grade. Answer: What are your hobbies? My hobbies are model rockets and I also play in a big band [Ben's Friends]. Q: What was your position before being principal? A: I came up through the ranks, I was a dean of students and assistant principal. Q: What inspired you to be a principal? A: I [was] never really inspired to be a principal.

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