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Students tackle PSAT

Test preps students for college entrance exam

By Makayla Rand The Stentor

The majority of high school sophomores and juniors all over the U.S. were encouraged to take the PSAT on Oct. 14. The PSAT is meant to allow students to be exposed to the type of material that will be present on the actual SAT, which most colleges look pay close attention to.

“It’s a good opportunity for the students to be predisposed to the material,” said Renaissance parent Alonzo Pointdexter. “I had to take the SAT in high school as well and they need all the help that they can get. It’s good to get a little practice before the real deal.”

The PSAT has received mixed responses from the students who took it.

“The PSAT was extremely easy for the most part,” said junior Kaila Bell. “The math section was confusing because there were graphs and expressions that I have never seen before. Therefore, I didn’t know how to evaluate them. Overall, the PSAT went by smoothly.”

While some students think that the PSAT was easy, many think otherwise.

“I took the PSAT and ACT tests last year,” said senior LaTena Speeks. “In my opinion, the SAT test is much harder and requires a lot more effort. If I could, I’d make the ACT the required test once more. Since I can’t, the PSAT is good for students because now they know what to look forward to on the actual test and they can be prepared.”

Aside from the test’s difficulty, many students understand the need for the PSAT and appreciate the test.

“Even though the PSAT was pretty stressful and tiring, it was definitely beneficial,” said junior Raina Allen. I was excited the see the new redesigned PSAT and appreciated the opportunity to receive some practice. I believe I did pretty well and don’t want to change a thing.”

Students can expect to receive their results in early December, about six weeks after the test date.


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