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Guest teacher gives back

By Danilea Lupercio and Marcus Toure The Western Express

Southwest Detroit native John Truong is going back home to give back to his community.

He will be volunteering his time to be a guest teacher for Western International High School’s Government class. His objectives include exposing the students to different career options, guidance and advice about higher education.

Truong comes in once a month to meet with the class.

He was born in Boston and moved to Philadelphia until the age of 4, when his family moved to Detroit, His family migrated to America in 1984 as refugees from Vietnam. He is the youngest of four children.

At age 5 he dealt with the loss of his mother. Despite the hardships he was presented at such a young age, he diligently pursued his life goals and eventually followed his sibling’s footsteps by graduating from a major university. He attended Michigan State University for five years and earned two degrees, one in finance and one in business management.

He now works for the Detroit Land Bank Authority as a project and inventory manager. Truong manages 80,000 publicly owned properties that go into demolition or disposition programs. He also works on economic development projects, as well as the donation program.

He wants to give back to the community by exposing students to life after high school and mentor students who need it. He enjoys spending time with young adults to motivate them.


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