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BCHS freshman class ready for challenges

By Khaliah Blount, Deontay Cobb and Myeasha Perry The Diagnostic

With the school year underway, Benjamin Carson High School’s newest students, the class of 2019, continue to prepare themselves for a new school experience. Many find this new journey exciting, yet nerve-wrecking at the same time.

Becoming a freshman comes with many challenges and new experiences. It can be hard for many to get used to the new environment, but BCHS freshman Jivaughn Manley is up to the task.

“I like being a freshman,” he said. “It was confusing at first, but overall, I’ve learned so far to be independent.”

No longer in middle school, freshman year remains a chance for students to begin to follow their own path. With more opportunities available inside and outside of school hours, decisions to make about their futures, and many new faces surrounding them, high school stands as a whole new world to discover.

“High school is kind of hard, but then again it’s like middle school. But the difference with high school is that you have to do things for yourself,” said Andre Smith, another BCHS freshman.

The freshmen at BCHS step into a new chapter of their lives ready to try new things and to succeed. Being aware of the numerous graduation requirements early has led many to set and reach for high goals.

“I want to be a pulmonary specialist,” said BCHS freshman and aspiring doctor Mona Almathrahia. “I know that this school will help me accomplish that.”


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