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Renaissance Students Reflect on the 2014-15 School Year

By Kendall McIntyre Staff Writer

Students at Renaissance have taken their finals, and are ready to enjoy their summer vacations. Even though the school year is almost over, it is worth remembering.

“I’m really happy to be getting out of this school for the summer. There are a lot of great memories I’ll be carrying with me throughout the summer though,” said junior Tamera Davis.

Some memories are great.

“I really had fun at homecoming this year. I’d been looking forward to the dance since the first week of school,” said freshman Samantha Robinson.

Other memories are more somber.

“None of us will ever forget Billy. He’ll always be missed,” said sophomore Paris Wright.

Here are some of Renaissance students’ memories:

“I remember when Mr. Hardy left and we didn’t have a teacher for like a month,” said freshman Jamal Smith.

“I remember the first pep rally and how much fun it was. Even though my class was acting lame,” said freshman Asia Young.

“I remember how worried I was about taking the ACT. I thought that I might not be prepared enough for the test. I feel like I did really well though,” said junior Desiree Smith.

“I remember being so happy when I realized that this school year was almost over,” said junior Daijah Ellis.


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