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Teen Talk: How to avoid unintentional heartbreak

By Fatou Sow, Nikai Callaway, Amber Chambers, and Dervon Thompson Staff Writers

*Chosen /choe-zen/: a colloquial term used by teenagers to identify ones attraction or allure to another individual. [<Choosing, chose>]

Have you ever wondered if the captain of the basketball team, the head cheerleader or that extremely popular and attractive kid with the best clothes and coolest car, ever gets tired of the attention? Have you ever wondered if their Instagram or Twitter feeds, creep them out with lurking fans?

We interviewed several Technicians who seem to attract many people of the opposite sex, and asked them if they liked the constant attention on the subject, of love, crushes and romantic expectations in high school.

“I like the attention; it makes me feel good,”senior Keith Jones said.

“The attention makes me feel good, but it can get very annoying, especially if it’s the same boy bothering you,” junior Summer Love said.

“You feel wanted or whatever, but it seems they all come when you have a boyfriend. They aren’t coming when you don’t have one.”

Sophomore Frederick Worthy admitted to having a crush on an attractive popular girl, during his freshman year.

“I tried to follow her on Instagram, but when she wouldn’t follow back, I unfollowed her,” Worthy said. “I speak to her now, but I just lost interest.”

Imagine the pressure a regular teenager must feel to be polite and not hurt the feelings of someone that may be interested in them, most times without ever knowing someone has a crush at all.

Are we falling in love too soon? Or is it infatuation? As teenagers, many of us seem to fall “head over heels” and become stressed, pressured, and in some cases, heartbroken.

Of course we all romanticize about the teen love stories and movies. What girl doesn’t want to be Cinderella? What boy doesn’t want to be Prince Charming, for that matter? However, do we fail to realize that we are only in high school and that we may never see that freshmen crush again?


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