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A lesson in Internet culture, going viral

(03/14/19 2:00pm)

Late last year Netflix released the film “Bird Box,” which saw immediate success, as well as an immediate wave of memes. This sudden influx of memes into the online hub -- coupled with the suspicion that many of those who posted “Bird Box” memes were not very active on the site and had very few followers - led many to believe that the whole viral nature and sudden emergence of “Bird Box” memes was all just a marketing strategy fronted by multiple Netflix-created accounts to infect the internet. 

ASSASSIN’S CREED: ODYSSEY: A standout In an aging franchise

(11/26/18 4:18pm)

“Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey” is an open-world adventure game and the 11th mainline title in the franchise. Odyssey takes place in the expansive universe of Ancient Greece, embroiled in the Peloponnesian War (431 BC-404 BC). The game provides the option to choose your character’s gender, a first in this expansive franchise which allows you to pick either Alexios, who I played as, or Kassandra. The character takes on the role of a Spartan misthios, or mercenary, and grandchild of King Leonidas of Sparta. Alexios starts out on the scenic island of Kephallonia, where you are introduced to your surrogate family, Markos-a local merchant and playful entrepreneur, and Phoibe- a young orphan girl from Attica, and your pet eagle and friend, Ikaros. While questing on the island, you take on a much bigger job which requires you to head out on an odyssey of your own to find your real family, bring an end to the war, and save the entire Greek World from an evil cult. Overall I’d recommend “Assassin’s Creed Odyssey” as it provides a breath of fresh air into the series through its dynamic player-choice, meaningful narrative, and the ability to experience your very own odyssey.