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Pathways counselor opens helps students with college, careers

<blockquote class="text-align-left">Counselor Andrea Thompson at the kickoff for the Cupcake Princess Program. PHOTO BY CODY CONNECTION</blockquote>
Counselor Andrea Thompson at the kickoff for the Cupcake Princess Program. PHOTO BY CODY CONNECTION

Andrea Thompson was appointed by the district to be a pathways counselor at Cody High School for the 2023-2024 school year. Since she arrived at Cody, students have been invited to participate in several activities and field trips. She is making a big impact on the school community. 

As a pathway counselor, her responsibilities consist of assisting students with college applications and further employment or educational opportunities. She mentors and provides support for her students. 

“Since Ms. Thompson arrived, my students have been introduced to lots of different opportunities,” said English teacher Kecia McClendon. “She continues to find ways to support the Cody family.” 

An average day for her looks like this: She arrives around 7 a.m., making sure she says good morning to her fellow co-workers and students, which “sets the tone for the day.” She will prepare for the day, make important phone calls, stay for after-school meetings when needed, then go home to spend time with her family. 

Her work activities usually include classroom visits, meetings and planning. She values bonding with her students. In her free hours, she is either talking with her students or spending time with the Lord. She loves listening to Gospel music in her office. 

Thompson is a big figure in the Detroit community. She has been serving Detroit for 30 years working in the schools and running her own nonprofit organization. She has made many friends and connections throughout her life, which she has brought to Cody. 

Some of the clubs she has started so far are: a mentoring program, book club, millionaire club, brotherhood and sisterhood clubs, Cupcake princess mentoring club, and a dance team. 

The wall by her office shows a host of opportunities for students to get involved in at Cody. In the future, she wants to “transform the culture to a more academic, thriving, and happy environment.” 

In school, she said believes academics come first, followed by energy and happiness. 


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