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Detroit's Gem, the Detroit Symphony Orchestra, performs for Cass Tech

<p>The Detroit Symphony Orchestra performs for Cass Technical students. Photo by Jose Disla.</p>

The Detroit Symphony Orchestra performs for Cass Technical students. Photo by Jose Disla.

The Detroit Symphony Orchestra performed at Cass Technical High School on March 3. The event was organized by Cass Tech music teacher Deanna Burrows.

Burrows invited the DSO to perform at Cass because she wanted to expose more students to classical music. Burrows said the DSO has a history with Cass Tech. The orchestra used to use the auditorium in the old CT building to rehearse and perform before it had its own venue to perform in.

Na’Zir McFadden is a new assistant conductor with the Detroit Symphony Orchestra, and Burrows said why it was important for Cass students to be exposed to the DSO and to witness their new assistant conductor in action. 

“Na’Zir McFadden, he's 22 years old … I think that that’s just really inspirational for my students,” Burrows said.

Junior Anisa Sewell has been playing violin for the past 12 years and is a part of the CT orchestra. She was in the audience when the DSO performed and said she was inspired by the DSO, especially by McFadden. 

“I think he really did a good job for his age … just how he conducted the orchestra,” Sewell said. “I thought that was really cool … and I think I really paid attention to that.”

Sewell said she is more motivated than ever to continue playing and learning about the violin.

“It just inspired me to continue working on my music,” Sewell said.

Burrows said that the DSO is a vital part of the city of Detroit, as it represents Detroit’s greatness, just like Cass Tech represents all that is exceptional about Detroit.

“... The DSO, the gem of our city… Cass Tech is also a gem of our city. So, it was really nice to have them… come here,” Burrows said. 


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