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Assistant principal James reflects on time at EEVPA

<p>Assistant principal Evege James has been at EEVPA for about six years. Photo by Voice of the Ville.</p>

Assistant principal Evege James has been at EEVPA for about six years. Photo by Voice of the Ville.

 In six years at East English Village Preparatory Academy, assistant principal Evege James III has made an impact.

“And during my six years, I had the opportunity to do some amazing things,” James said. “I’ve sent some students to Italy, I have managed to impact the minds of close to the 3,000 students, and I have also been part of an amazing staff.”

But James said there have been challenges.

“I believe the toughest challenge I have here at East English Village is transforming the mindset of teachers who may not believe that our students can be the best they can be, so changing mindsets is a very difficult job,” James said.  

James said what he likes most about East English Village is its community aspect; it is like a family. James said he also likes the building and all the state-of-the-art accommodations, such as air conditioning. James added that he likes the location of the “The Ville” because he grew down the street. 

When asked what improvements or changes he would like to see at East English Village, James said, “No. 1, I would like to increase test scores.”

Mostly James said he wants students to believe in their own abilities to perform well. 

“I want the ninth grader to have just as much confidence in being able to perform well academically as the 12th grader,” James said.


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