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EEVPA’s Crenshaw is here for everyone

On any given day, Whitney Crenshaw can be seen aiding a multitude of people in the school office at East English Village Preparatory Academy. Crenshaw is the secretary that always has a line of people waiting to talk to her, and she welcomes everyone with her bright smile no matter how busy she is.

Whitney Crenshaw

Crenshaw is one of three secretaries that supports the administrative functions in support of the principal. In addition, she is the school’s girls cheer coach.

Crenshaw said she loves being a cheer coach to students and wants to make sure that they are comfortable talking to her about school or personal problems. The cheerleaders know that they can talk to her about anything.  Crenshaw helps the students with their homework and with navigating the challenges that come with being a teenager.

“It’s like being a single parent to 15 kids,” Crenshaw said, adding that her focus with her team is making sure they are attending school and maintaining at least a 2.5 grade-point average. “The DPSCD policy is that is students that do not maintain a GPA of 2.0, they cannot participate in sports activities.” 

Crenshaw said she wants her students to get good grades, but she also wants to instill confidence in each member of her family. 

“I want them to happy with themselves and know that they can do anything they set their mind and heart to do,” she said. 

Crenshaw said that watching her team grow and develop has motivated her to a better cheer coach. 

“I love my cheerleaders like they are my own kids, we are a gang and a family,” she said.

She said she reminds her kids that is takes great attendance and good grades to remain on the cheer team.

“Even if some members quit the cheer team, I will still be there with and for them,” she said.


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