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Knight mentors in school and out

Who is that guy?

Toson Antwan Knight  is always in the hallways at East English Village ensuring that students are in their classrooms before the tardy bell rings. 

Knight, the Dean of Culture at East English Village, frequently takes male students on college tours and makes sure they have suits and ties for jobs and other school-related activities that require formal attire. 

Knight has also been known bring local artists, such as Skilla Baby, to a pep rallies. 

Knight was born in 1986 in Detroit and grew up in Highland Park. He attended the now-closed Henry Ford High school, and then went to Oakwood University, which he said was “the absolute best decision I’ve ever made in my life.”

Toson Knight is the Dean of Culture at East English Village.

Knight has two degrees: one in the history of education and the other is a master’s degree in educational leadership.

Knight has 13 siblings but grew up with just two of his siblings and his mother. Knight did not grow up with his father playing a big part in his life. 

“He likes to think he helped me grow up, but at the same time, he was not completely absent,” Knight said.

Knight  is the founder of Caught Up, a program for young men all around Michigan. Knight established the program in 2015. There are approximately 300-400 young males who are currently in his mentoring program. 

In this program, the young men meet at the Seventh Day Adventist Church, which is also the church that he attends. The activities for the Caught Up includes playing basketball, guest speakers, and trips on college tours. Recent trips have been to Alabama and Memphis.

Knight said there are not any young women in his program because he has not found a woman that would be willing to operate the program for the girls. 

Knight said that he has been mentoring since the age of 18. The mentoring started with his younger brother and his friends.

“With kids its sometimes the simplest things you can do, just take them with you,” Knight said.


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