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King students showcase their talents

Senior Mi’Joy Reed-Nash sings at the talent show, "Crusaders Got Talent." Photo by Crusaders' Chronicle.
Senior Mi’Joy Reed-Nash sings at the talent show, "Crusaders Got Talent." Photo by Crusaders' Chronicle.

The Student Life Organization hosted its first talent show, “Crusaders Got Talent,” in the school’s auditorium Jan. 13. Acting, rapping, singing, dancing, and other talents were showcased.

Sophomore Ethan Moore and junior Tori Barmore hosted the event. They announced each act before they took the stage. The first few acts were great, but nobody captured the audience's attention like sophomore singer Demetris King. King entered the stage and sang “Drive By” by Eric Bellinger. King had the audience to wave their flashlights on their phones. 

“The talent show turned out better than we all expected," said S.L.O. member and senior Alauna Day said. "As our first event it was very successful and everyone had a good time."

The performances of Solomon Bills, Michael Johnson, and Deontae James drew the attention of the audience as well. They did a skit in which one of their friends was kidnapped and they staged a fight, but it looked so real, shocking everyone.

During the intermission, Detroit artists Jaiswan, Detroit Zeus, and Jazmin Re'nae gave a special performance. 

While Re'nae was performing, she paused her performance and announced that she will give girls all over Detroit the opportunity to get their nails, hair, and an entire outfit done for free if they follow her on Instagram and send her a video of them singing one of her songs. 

The famous song "Just Wanna Rock" by Lil Uzi Vert was also played by DJ Smooth at intermission to get the crowd pumped up. Some students jumped on stage and performed a viral TikTok dance to the song.

Seniors Madison Sanders and Steven McCrary's final performance of the day stunned the audience. They performed a dance depicting a couple breaking up, leaving each other, but returning together at the end. At the end of the talent show, the winner was determined by audience vote. It was a close vote between Jayna Waters, Demetris King, Madison Sanders and Steven McCrary. Sanders and McCrary won first place, and Waters won second.

“Winning King’s talent show made me realize if you put in all the work and effort you can do anything," Sanders said. "When I started dancing and the crowd was alive it made my heart pump and encouraged me to live in the moment."


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