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Renaissance seniors taking college applications in stride

Renaissance High School seniors are patiently waiting for Dec. 15, the day that students are alerted of whether they’ve been accepted to their respective schools.

It has been encouraging, however, to see the strides that RHS students have made toward receiving college acceptance letters this season.

“I’ve never seen a class so prepared and advanced and anxious to pursue the next step,” college transition adviser Cionne Jones said. “It’s exciting; kids that actually want to move forward and work with you.”

For senior and class of 2023 president Dominique Preston, the college application process is lengthy, and she said she believes students must take their time with it.

She said applying to colleges is not something that can be done in a short amount of time and that it’s good to make sure everyone gets it right.

When picking a school, there are different factors that individuals consider. Each person prioritizes something different because no two college decisions are alike.

“It’s a combination of a few factors,” Preston said. “It’s how close to home it is, the academics and the social life.”

For senate president and senior class vice president Tanya Brown, the culture of the institution is the biggest factor that she considers. She mentioned that people often “focus on the academic rigor or the prestige” more than anything else. 

Regardless of where students fall on the spectrum of the college application process, it has been acknowledged that Renaissance High School provides students with special opportunities that other schools simply don’t get.

“These reps don’t just come to every school in Michigan and talk to these kids,” Jones said. “You have the chance to sit face-to-face with the same person that’s literally reading your application.”

Brown agreed. 

She said she believes this gives RHS students a leg up when applying to colleges.

The topic of dream schools is often one that gets students excited, and this was no different with Preston. 

“Spelman’s visit really opened my eyes and made me see that Spelman is my dream school,” Preston said. “You never really know until it’s put in front of you.”

Brown didn’t have one specific school that was her dream, but instead viewed the “dream” as something a bit different.

“I wouldn’t say that I really have a dream school,” Brown said. “I created a list of schools that I could see myself really fitting in at, so the dream is getting accepted to all the schools that I can see myself fitting in.”

Even for students who are uncertain about their futures, it is always a wise decision to apply for colleges.

“Just have that option there because when it’s May or June and everyone’s going off to school and maybe you still want to or don’t want to, it’s really late in the game and you don’t have first choice,” said Jones. 

Ultimately, counselors and students all believe in applying to as many schools as possible.

“Give yourself the option. Even if you’re not sure, just apply,” Jones said.


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