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Renaissance's Gender-Sexuality Alliance creates a safe space

Members of GSA happily participating in a community service event. Courtesy photo.
Members of GSA happily participating in a community service event. Courtesy photo.

The Gender-Sexuality Alliance is a safe place for members of the LGBTQIA+ and allies to create a more inclusive atmosphere throughout Renaissance High School. 

GSA has been around for a while but has not been given as much recognition as other clubs. It does numerous community service activities, while still providing members with a safe and inclusive space to interact with their peers. 

“It provides them with friendships and community building,” science teacher Alexis Anderson said. “We give them a lot of skills, as well, to help them hopefully in their future.” 

Anderson also mentioned they do a lot of stuff with voter registration and having people get the vote out. 

GSA formed as a club in October last year. Since then, the number of members has grown. Individuals expressed gratitude for the club and all it has done for them. 

“It is a really inspiring group to be with because it shows you that you’re not alone,” sophomore Miah Gill said. 

Gill shared how she reached out to other students and was able to pull them in to joining GSA as well. 

Similarly, sophomore La’Reah Snerling said everybody there is very nice and inclusive. GSA provides its members with memories and new experiences. 

Snerling said her favorite memory was when they had the opportunity to be in a pride parade alongside the RHS marching band. Students in this club have a chance to express themselves and form friendships with peers who are just like them. It is not just a club for those who are a part of the community, but allies are free to join as well. 

“I really like the fact that it’s such an inclusive and safe space for everyone involved,” junior Emani Williams said. “They’ll never question you or say you’re different in any way. You’re just like everyone else!”


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