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The Big Game: Cass vs. Renaissance

RHS cheerleaders on the sidelines rooting on the RHS varsity football team. Courtesy photo.
RHS cheerleaders on the sidelines rooting on the RHS varsity football team. Courtesy photo.

On Sept. 9, Renaissance High School and Cass Technical High School played in the biggest game of the school year. The game was on the RHS field at 7 p.m. and the Cass Tech got the victory over the RHS Phoenix, 66-0.

The game was sold out for three reasons: it received a lot of social media buzz, tickets were sold ahead of time, but most importantly these schools are academic and athletic rivals and have been for years.

“A lot of us have known each other since we played together in little leagues,” RHS cheerleader Mya Morris said. “To see them on opposing teams was our last chance to show off what we have been doing for so long.”

Both teams wasted no time physically and mentally preparing and training for the game. 

“I prepared for the game by practicing multiple times and hours throughout the week with my team and maintaining a positive mindset and energy no matter what,” Cass Tech cheerleader Da’ Naja Cain said.

The RHS cheer team added an extra level of “hype” around the game as they were asked to be on the Mojo in the Morning radio show on game day. 

“It was a great opportunity for us because we got a chance to let even more people in the community know to come out to the game and support our boys,” Morris said. 

The game was heavily secured by not only DPSCD security, but the Detroit Police Department too, and they were ready to arrest individuals looking to fight or start any other discrepancies. 

Near the middle of the game, there was an incident where players from Cass and their fans ran toward the RHS side of the field. 

Officials paused the game, and it was reported as just a prank by some kids. 

All in all, RHS put up a fight, but Cass walked away with the W. 

“Yes, my team may not have won any games, but we’re not done working hard,” RHS football player Jayson Gamblin said.

RHS cheerleaders pose with Mojo in the Morning hosts after an interview discussing the upcoming Renaissance vs. Cass Tech football game. Courtesy photo.


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