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King seniors count credits for graduation

King principal Damian Perry hosted a senior town hall meeting in the auditorium to discuss the graduation rate for seniors. He emphasized what students need to do in order to graduate on time.

“Grad rate last year was really low, and it was based upon the numbers of seniors that were involved in credit recovery due to COVID,” Perry said. “Probably about 80-85% of our senior class of 22 were behind credits failing one or more classes, so it became a crunch to make sure they were able to make it across the finish line.”

To avoid this problem for the class of 2023, current seniors are diligently fixing their credits. Many fell off during their sophomore year from online schooling due to COVID.

“After 10th grade year when we were virtual, and then I was failing my classes because I was being lazy,” senior Rasad Johnson said.

Junior year was a wake-up call for a lot of seniors. Many realized how hard the pressure would be to make up credits and grades.

“In the middle of the school year, I realized how important and relevant junior year was in high school,” senior Aliyah King said.

Many seniors want to give advice to lower classmen, so they can avoid negative consequences.

“Ask for help and communicate your problems if you have any with your teachers because it will help a lot. Try to do your work whenever you can,” King said.

Counselor Denise Barnes has very high hopes for this year’s seniors. She said she believes they will accomplish all expectations and graduate on time.

“I am thinking positive, and I truly believe this class will do well as far as graduation,” Barnes said.


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