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Seniors Corner: College Application Time

Seniors it is that time of year. It may seem too soon, but it is time to apply to college. The simplest way to apply to college is through the Common Application app online. The Common Application works well and many students at Cody have already been accepted to colleges through this application process.

This is easy because you can apply to several colleges, and you will receive your admission answer quicker. The app allows you to apply to the colleges of your choice and upload all the required information. There is no need to wait for onsite admissions or go through the college’s website where filling the application out itself is difficult.

When making a college application for college through the common app you must make an account so that you can be able to login and out to access your applications. For example, you must do a personal essay, personal information, school information etc. You should know your major and all your personal information, such as your address, birthdate, SSN, email address. etc. 

When you are filling out the application, you must make sure to go over your application to make sure everything is in because if not the application will not submit, and you may have a fee waiver that your counselor may have to access. 


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