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CMA ROTC holds career fair

<p>Command Sgt. Major Ashayla Middlebrook and Executive Officer India Mullen. Courtesy photo.</p>

Command Sgt. Major Ashayla Middlebrook and Executive Officer India Mullen. Courtesy photo.

Several colleges participated in Communication & Media Arts High School ROTC Career Day. The purpose of this visit was to try and recruit students for various ROTC college programs for the school offering college programs. 

The students enjoyed a surprise musical concert from different military divisions. CMA ROTC instructors Sgt. Nelson and Sgt. Olving hosted the event.

Command Sgt. Major Ashayla Middlebrook and Executive Officer India Mullen, junior student co-host, helped coordinate the event. 

“ROTC college representatives spoke about the difference between the army and the navy,” Mullen said. “Michigan State gave quite a powerful speech about the navy. I appreciated their speaking time, motivating and empowering students with different options. 

“Wayne State provided the best recruitment speech, in my opinion,” Middlebrook said. “It was a fantastic time, but my favorite part was the surprise; I loved seeing the cadets step out of their comfort zone and perform."

Middlebrook said the instruments, music, and singing was a great time. 

“I know, it was a great environment to be in; the school was fuming with positivity. I appreciated seeing others embrace different cultures and how they expressed themselves with the music and instruments they played. The Mariachi band played for us was a great example of unity,” said Mullen.

Said Middlebrook: “ I tried everything in my power to switch my class when I got the JROTC class in ninth grade, but I’ve come to love it. I love experiencing the new things we do daily, like doing drills, going on trips outside the school, and scholarship opportunities.

“I also believe that it helps you develop amazing leadership skills and how to work towards being an upstanding citizen,” said Mullen.

“I agree with India, and it also shows the use of good sportsmanship.” Said Middlebrook.   

High praises to the musical program, but they were also asked about their challenges with JROTC. 

“Well, a big issue for me was the uniform because I wanted to express myself but still do the program,” Mullen said. “So that was hard for me to adjust to, but I realize now that it’s so that we can look like the team we are. So that there is a sense of unity amongst the cadets.”

“I didn’t really like the uniform, but I was also told I wouldn’t be able to wear color in my hair, which is something I did plenty before ROTC, so that was what I had to adjust to,” Middlebrook said.


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