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Cass Tech's High Fashion Society puts on fashion show for Gucci

Ms. Vega talks to members of the High Fashion Society prior to the event.
Photo by Denver Kennemer.
Ms. Vega talks to members of the High Fashion Society prior to the event. Photo by Denver Kennemer.

Gucci has made its second visit to Cass Tech. 

On Sept. 9 representatives from Gucci came to support Cass Tech’s High Fashion Society program. 

Gucci supports high schools around the country with fashion curriculums. Cass Tech is the only Detroit high school that has a dedicated fashion curriculum and a fashion after-school program. 

Gucci invested in Cass Tech’s High Fashion Society Program and monitored how the students were using their talents and gifts to the best of their abilities.

“So when they came in fall 2019, they donated $10,000 to the Fashion Society, and they basically came to see how they were utilizing not just those funds, but how were they utilizing their talents, their gifts, and what were they doing with the things that they had,” counselor Ms. Jones said. 

Lily Shields, president of Cass Tech’s High Fashion Society, said students appreciate the opportunity.

“To be … like a safe space for people who are interested in fashion … design, sewing, modeling, like just all of that,” Shields said. “... We want to be like a place where people can go and just like talk about those kinds of things.” 

Shields said what’s being taught in the program is preparing students to work in the industry, and the event was, “a game plan to do just a simple presentation and to show off some of our pieces from last year’s show.”

“And it ended up going really well,” she said.

She said students are inspired by the mentorship from Gucci. 

“We got to meet a lot of other people within Gucci, which was super beneficial for us because [it’s] like super inspiring for people that want to join the fashion industry,” Shields said.. “So yea, we were just super honored to have them and it really felt like they cared about what we had to say … .”

Gucci offered lots of scholarships to the high fashion society students pertaining to the fashion curriculum and just to people who wanted to go into the business field. 

“This is an opportunity of a lifetime for any student who wants to get involved, not just for scholarships, but for possible internships as well … students who have graduated from Cass in the last couple of years since we've had this partnership, has received scholarships and out of those students, four of our students have received the Gucci Changemaker scholarship,” Jones said. 

Shields said that her favorite part of the event was being able to meet the Gucci representatives.


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