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King sophomore prospers despite past trauma

King Sophomore India Williams is thriving despite her physical challenges and past trauma. 

In 2014, 7-year-old Williams lost her ability to walk in an accidental shooting. She was shot in the leg and was told that she may not be able to walk. But she has continued to live her everyday life as a teenager despite this hardship. Williams’ ninth grade teacher, Deborah Spradley speaks very highly about her. 

“She was very self-sufficient," Spradley said. "She spoke her mind very well, and she made it clear she wasn’t one to pity or feel sorry for. India did and does what she has to do, and she gets through."

Sophomore India Williams heads to class during hall passing time. Photo by Crusaders' Chronicle.

Williams is known by teachers and students to be very independent. She is always taking care of herself and rarely needs any help. 

“This was no girl that you had to help or feel sorry for, or do extra for, she was very spunky, and ‘I’ll do it myself’ that as one of the first things I noticed about India, and I like that,” Spradley said.

Williams said she barely remembers her lifestyle before the shooting. She said she was so young it's hard to remember that far back. She said how strong she has become motivates her to progress through everyday life. 

“I just feel strong, being independent every day, doing everything on my own without help,” Williams said. 

She works hard to stay on top of her grades and is a good student to have in class. 

“India Williams is a happy, kind, and supportive student," English teacher Brunisha Brooks said. "She loves smiling and laughing with her friends. Academically, she works hard to do her best in my class. I recently saw her shyness through her presentation of Fahrenheit 451. She smiled, laughed, and stated that she was nervous, but she pushed through. She is definitely a joy to have in my classroom."

Many people in situations like hers would be tempted to give up. However, motivated by her mom and Grandma, Williams said she knows she is capable of doing anything she puts her mind to.

“Everything that I do, they tell me to put my mind on it and do it. They motivate me and encourage me,” Williams said. 

Williams plans to attend college after graduation, and she aspires to be a surgeon. She advises other teenagers with physical challenges not to let anything change who they are. 

“Don’t let anything get in your way, just stay you,” Williams said.


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