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King deals with new COVID rules

<p>Some students still choose to wear masks even though the district no longer mandates them. Photo by Crusaders' Chronicle.</p>

Some students still choose to wear masks even though the district no longer mandates them. Photo by Crusaders' Chronicle.

A lot has changed at King regarding COVID-19 policies since last school year. With DPSCD not enforcing wearing masks nor COVID testing, do the students feel safe and secure, or should the district go back to last year's policies?

Sherrhonda Denice is an English teacher and is not one to play with when it comes to COVID. Denice has caught COVID before and has dealt with the cruel aftermath. It caused her to miss several weeks of work dealing with her health and draining her body. But she came back this school year ready to work and still wears her mask every day and wishes she could enforce it in her classroom.

“This school year I understand they relaxed the rules, but the truth of the matter is COVID is still killing people,” Denice said. “I would mandatorily test, at least test the athletes and the dancers, people that are in groups.”

Masks are still available at the front door for the individuals who want them. Photo by Crusaders' Chronicle.

Some people are still wondering how the district decided to make this decision to not enforce COVID rules. The number of cases in Michigan has  decreased since the beginning of 2022. Because the numbers in Detroit are down, DPSCD decided to withdraw last year's policies.

Seniors seemed to have mixed feelings about going back to COVID rules. Most seniors at King had their freshman year cut short in 2020 because of COVID and experienced the whole turnaround of the school.

“I feel it's good but not good at the same time because COVID is still out, but with the mask people couldn’t breathe all the time,” senior Jervell Dancy said. 

Everyone has their own opinion about the new rules. The school still attempts to make everyone feel safe and has masks at the front desk for the staff and students. 

“I like that you all are back in school, but I kind of wish everyone was wearing their mask probably for another year,” Sgt. Jamille Phillips said.


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