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Due to COVID cohorts, Muslim students at CT experience scheduling challenges

<p>Muslim students may pray during the school day at Cass Tech High School. Photo by Abdullah Almahdi.</p>

Muslim students may pray during the school day at Cass Tech High School. Photo by Abdullah Almahdi.

Muslim students at Cass Tech are experiencing challenges with regular prayer meetings because Cass students are divided into two cohorts and all students are not present on a daily basis. Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, scheduling prayer times was not difficult.

“It was easier back then because we had everything set, we were in person so it was easier to get it out to people,” CT senior Rabika Ali said.

CT senior Munsir Jabir has some ideas about improving communications for prayer times for Muslim students

“Currently, I’m speaking with the board of MSA (Muslim Student Association) to get more posters in the hallways so people can get the word in person and not just online," Jabir said, adding it would also be helpful if regular announcements were made at the end of each school day regarding the prayer meetings.

“That would definitely be helpful to the people that were unaware of it," Jabir said. "People who don’t have our socials can know about us with announcements that everybody hears.”

The CT Muslim students are thankful to the administration for allowing them to step out of class and perform their prayers.

“I think it’s cool that they’re allowing us to do that," Jabir said. "I know there are some schools that don’t allow any kind of acts that we’re allowed to do."

For students who want to be informed on when prayers take place, they can do so by following the instagram page for Cass Tech Muslim students, which regularly posts updates on when prayers will take place: @ctmuslims. 

Jabir wants to encourage Muslim students to come and pray.

“Please come to prayer: 1:30, second floor hallway," Jabir said

Prayer takes place in the hallway next to the girl’s bathroom on the second floor. It’s not only for Friday prayer. Students can go to the north lobby to pray whenever they need to. Prayer mats are available at the front desk in the north lobby.


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