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King welcomes nurse Moore

<p>Nurse Rakiya Moore makes it her business to do all she can for the students at King. Photo by Crusaders' Chronicle.</p>

Nurse Rakiya Moore makes it her business to do all she can for the students at King. Photo by Crusaders' Chronicle.

King welcomed an LPN Rakiya Moore to the Crusader community. Moore not only handles COVID-19 tracking in the building but also administers medications and assesses students who are ill and need to go home. 

“I am the school nurse here for the students," Moore said. "I intercept the students that want to go home or request to go home. They come to see me and I assess them and then I determine whether or not the parents are going to pick them up or if they need assistance to the doctor. I assist the students with medication administration while at school." 

Moore worked at an elementary school before coming to King. Working with high school students is a change for Moore. 

“I have background with working at skilled nursing facilities" Moore said. "Being here is a great choice and I’m happy to be here." 

Superintendent Nikolai Vitti assured parents and school staff that there will be a nurse at every school because of the pandemic. 

“After the major part of the pandemic, people are still getting sick,” Moore said. “Detroit Public Schools didn’t always have nurses within their school district.”

Moore said she likes being at King because it gives her an opportunity to be a part of a great team. The size of the building has been somewhat challenging for her. She wants more opportunities to see the students outside of her office. 

“The best part of my job is the interaction with the students and being an advocate for the students," Moore said. "I don’t get to meet all the students. I don’t get to see them in class. When they come to see me either they’re sick or requesting to go home or Covid related and that’s it."

The students said they find Moore more personable and easier to talk to because she seems to care about their well-being.

“After coming back to school due to having COVID, nurse Moore was very kind, patient, and thorough despite having multiple students in need of assistance," senior Amaria Reed said. Overall, Nurse Moore is a great nurse who cares for each student who sees her.


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