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BCHS adds new staff

<p>BCHS Math Carolyn Nwaosu getting ready to instruct her class. Photo by Diagnostic Staff.</p>

BCHS Math Carolyn Nwaosu getting ready to instruct her class. Photo by Diagnostic Staff.

Since COVID-19 stopped face-to-face learning in the spring of 2020, Benjamin Carson High School experienced an influx of new staff members. 

BCHS added ESE instructors Julie Herchock and Cynthia Carbone, science instructor Matthew Zafran, building substitute Jamie Trice, music instructor Jacob Traines, and English and social studies instructor Oronde Coleman.

“I was excited for the opportunity to teach high school mathematics and there was an opening here” Nwaosu said. “I had not previously heard of BCHS. When I attended school in Detroit, there was really only my district high school, Mumford, Cass Tech and Renaissance, to choose from.”

Traines has the task of rebuilding a music program at BCHS. 

“Starting a music program from the ground up, it is a challenge, but I love it,” Traines said.

Also added were English instructor Lanora Miles, math instructor Carolyn Nwaosu, college transition adviser Adovia Alston, and attendance agent Kamaria Curtis.

Curtis said she likes the “the close nit environment of BCHS.”

Dean of Culture Shannon Richardson said, “I feel that each of the staff contribute something positive to school environment.”

Students are already finding this to be true.

Junior Shayla Dysard said, “Ms. Miles is really sweet and understanding “

Junior Daneysha Ruffin said, “The new staff is cool. They add a lot to the school.”


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