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CT seniors learn lifelong lessons during virtual learning


Dalia Arredondo

This year has been a challenging year for the graduating class of 2021. Cass Tech seniors have been virtual all school year.

Despite the challenges that Cass Tech seniors have experienced this school year, there have been some positive outcomes because of the virtual learning mandate.

When the school year began, Cass Tech senior Andy Gutierrez was focused on waking up on time, eating breakfast, and staying focused the whole school day. 

It was a repetition everyday but a positive thing that happened was asynchronous time," he said. "I had more time on my hands to do different things everyday.”

Cass Tech senior Valeria Vega said she did not expect her entire senior year to be online. She said she did learn how to manage her time better. 

Vega said: “My grades were high but the motivation was not there. I learned how to manage my time and how I work best.”

According to Michigan State University’s Learning Center, some of the skills needed to be successful in college are time management, weekly planning and prioritizing.

Although this school year has been challenging, the skills the seniors learned during virtual learning will help them to be successful in college. 

Seniors Vega and Gutierrez agreed that it did not help them to procrastinate during their senior year. 

“Procrastination is something I learned not to do in college," Gutierrez said.


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