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Seven-member King swim team wins city championship

<p>King’s seven-member boys swim team wins the city championship. Courtesy photo.</p>

King’s seven-member boys swim team wins the city championship. Courtesy photo.

In March at at Western High School, the King boys swim team won the city championship. They competed with only seven swimmers compared to other teams that had double the members. 

Weeks before the meet, the Crusaders swim team faced obstacles that left the team feeling unsure if they could bring home a win. Though these hardships had a negative mental impact on the swimmers, head swim coach Gary Peterson explained to the team that they had to pushed forward. 

“With losing members of the team, it's going to be a tight meet, but we can still do it,” Peterson said. 

The Crusaders won the meet by three points. This was the first time King’s boys won a swim championship in three years. 

The members of the team were in shock as the results were nothing short of astonishing. The swim scoring system – unlike other sports – is decided by placement, and points add up to the athletes' team. King won the meet by winning almost every event, not by the number of team members, just hard work and dedication prevailed in the presence of adversity. 

“The swim team is the most physically and mentally challenging sport among all other sports," principal Deborah Jenkins said. "Swimming shows true strength."


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