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Is the scholarship search stressful?

The graduating class of 2021 is vigorously seeking financial assistance to offset the cost of attending college.

Students who may not qualify for grants or loans can always apply for scholarships. Many or not nearly enough students overlook or simply do not try to gain scholarships for college. You can obtain “Free Money” from a plethora of outside sources for essay writing, speech competitions or by merely completing a standard application.

Scholarships appear to be an easy way to obtain funding for college, but seniors still face different struggles when applying for scholarships. With every scholarship there is always a set number of requirements a student must meet before applying. Getting started and being persistence and completing the task is the key.

“I struggled with writing and because of that I was not motivated to find and apply for scholarships," said Jayvone Simmons,  CMA senior and class president. "I completed my first scholarship simply talking about my childhood and received a full ride to Wayne State University."

Furthermore, there also includes more problems. 

“I personally think much of the struggle with scholarships at the moment includes the level of competitiveness, transcripts looking similar due to the shutdown, and lack of motivation,” said Zahria Liggins, a senior at Cass Technical High School.

The upside to finding scholarships is that there are apps like Scholly that allow students to find scholarships that are specifically applicable to them. It limits the time needed to find scholarships and brings them right to you. These apps are highly recommended for upcoming college students and relieves the stress that comes with applying for scholarships with positive results.


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