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REVIEW: Eddie Murphy does it again with "Coming to America 2"

The movie "Coming to America 2" is definitely worth seeing. I like how the movie introduces the same settings but is contrasted over the years showing a transition to a new era. In the initial movie, more scenes were in Queens. The latest movie has more scenes in the beautiful Zamunda. Director Craig Brewer shows a scene where the characters are more in tune with the environment by interacting with the wildlife in Zamunda. Eddie Murphy (King Akeem) and Arsenio Hall (Semmi) did their thing in this film.

I love how the same characters transition from the last "Coming to America" to the new one with some new comedians joining in such as Tracy Morgan (Reem), Luenell (Liva) and Jermaine Fowler (Lavelle). Adding new characters brings extra light to the movie which produces laughter for the audience. 

In the first Coming to America, we see Prince Akeem searching for his future wife. He goes through some hardships on his way but finally finds her. In "Coming to America 2," Akeem goes back to Queens, New York, in search of his illegitimate son. However, the he seems to forget about his three daughters. This movie has a lot of dramatic irony and situations that mirror certain scenes from the original.

The sequel is magnificent and adventurous, and the problematic situation keeps the audience wondering what is going to happen next. The acting is on point especially from Fowler (Lavelle) as he plays King Akeem’s son in the movie. Brewer hits the nail on the head as Lavelle goes through a similar situation as his father. 


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