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King senior turns love for nieces, clothes into business

In June 2020, King senior Danielle George started her business because of her love for nice clothes and accessories. Because of the pandemic, she turned her fashion sense to an online boutique. Her boutique, RoyalB Kloset, is named after her two nieces, Royal and Brazyl. 

“My nieces are the reasons why I started my business and I wanted to find new things to do,” George said. “I’m a girly girl and I love clothes and cute things.”

Senior Danielle George, owner of RoyalB Kloset, hosted her first pop-up shop at Pontiac’s Milldam Park on July 31, where social distancing, face masks and temperature checks were mandated. Courtesy photo.


With this being her first business, she dealt with many hardships of becoming her own boss. George, 17, did not know where and how to start. She faced challenges with customers, inventory, and keeping up with the latest trends. After a few months of being an entrepreneur, she overcame those problems. 

“Where do I start? How will it go? Trends and styles change and being in the retail business you have to keep up with it,” George said. “I was able to purchase a minimum of inventory five months into my business. I now have to order way more inventory.” 

When the state was on lockdown, George decided to open her store online. She also plans on going out of state for college and would love to keep her clientele and business in Michigan. She will not let being in another state stop her from completing orders. George said she plans on accomplishing this with her shipping options on her website. 

“I have an online store and a lot of people are doing online shopping because the stores were closed,” George said. “Because I am going off to college, my customers will have to choose shipping but I do see myself continuing my business.” 

George’s close friend, senior Marché Borde,n has supported her throughout the entire journey. Borden said George is motivated by her life struggles and lifestyle. She also believes her friend started her business because she did not like working for others and has her own style. Borden said the experience with shopping at RoyalB Kloset is lit. 

“I shop with her a lot. I buy my family and my clothing from her,” Borden said. “The experience is very lit and very professional. One thing for sure, she remains professional and consistent.”

Though George has dealt with a few hardships, she has remained motivated with the success of her business. She has dedicated herself to RoyalB Kloset and says it has become her biggest accomplishment. The support she receives keeps her going. 

“The loyal customers and support I receive from people are what keeps me motivated,” George said. “I had the support I needed from my close friends and boyfriend.” 


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