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MONTGOMERY: Whitmer should reconsider push to reopen schools

One of the biggest changes to happen because of COVID-19 is our schools closing. It was unforeseen and has thrown plenty of students off track. While unfortunate, it was needed for the protection of students safety.

Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer first closed schools in March 2020, and schools initially were only supposed to be closed for three weeks, but that ballooned into them being closed for the rest of the 2019-2020 school year.

This academic year students  could choose whether they wanted to study virtually or not, but as COVID-19 got worse, Whitmer decided to shut in-person learning down in November. 

Despite all of this, Whitmer stated in a press conference last month that she’s trying to set up guidelines for schools to be able to offer in person learning as an option again, starting March 1st. 

“While I understand what she’s trying to do, from a students perspective I don’t think it’s what’s best for us right now," CMA senior Desmond Bryson said.

Many students have grown used to the online learning.

“I also highly doubt it’d be effective," Cass Tech student Gabrielle Taylor said. "Most students have grown used to the online learning schedule and opening schools again wouldn’t exactly excite most of us. The climate of online learning is much more laid back."

COVID-19 isn’t getting any better. While Whitmer is trying to be inclusive, schools or places of business shouldn’t reopen, not while the risk to get COVID-19 is still so high. 

Hopefully Whitmer will reconsider her decision, and if not, hopefully there will be no immediate effects following the reopening. 

We may not be able to handle it but only time will tell. Students' health needs be prioritized over their grades. What does physical attendance matter when people are dying everyday?


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