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SMITH: The real deal about high school

There are many perspectives about high school from what we see in movies, shows and even read in books. But many students have the wrong idea about high school. When they think of high school they tend to think of parties, football and basketball games, cool kids, pep rallies and more.

”Growing up I watched a lot of high school musicals and other Disney shows about high school and it was totally different.” CMA senior Daniel Clayton said.

High school is much more than that and before children begin the high school experience they need to learn the realities of it. 

High school is a place where you build bonds and tend to meet your lifelong friends. Although you'll make new friends, you should never forget the people who you came up with. Most middle school students go to different high schools and that's when they tend to drift apart and forget each other. There are neither lame or cool kids in school. People usually choose to hang around others who have similar interests. When beginning high school, it's best to find people who can help, support and make you happy.

Nobody can get through life alone and everyone will always need a friend or two to rely on.

”One thing I regret is not keeping in touch with my middle school friends when I promised I wouldn't forget them," says Keenan Moore, a senior at Renaissance High School.

When people enter high school, it's time to start thinking about your future and career.You will have many opportunities to experience and try new things from career paths to personal interest. You will take a shift from child to adult in a span of four years. In high school, that's when your beliefs, personalities and how you view yourself as a person is set in stone. 

Overall, high school is a great experience, and even though it may not live up to your expectations, it is what you make of it. School is where you grow and develop yourself and mind. It's important to live your best life and to do what makes you happy.  


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