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New features drives demand for next generation gaming consoles

<p>It's been difficult for gamers to get their hands on a new Sony Playstation 5. Photo by Crusaders' Chronicle.</p>

It's been difficult for gamers to get their hands on a new Sony Playstation 5. Photo by Crusaders' Chronicle.

The new next generation consoles have been released and everyone is trying to get a PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X. Sony and Microsoft have been going back and forth on who has the best game system for years. Both consoles are in high demand right now. Sony and Microsoft's goal is to win the hearts and minds of gamers by designing exclusive games with exciting new features.

The PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X are still selling out everywhere. It's to the point that stores have to do secret drops so  people will not camp out at the stores due to COVID-19. But customers are still finding a way to get the arrival date of shipments. Some consumers are upset because they can't get their hands on the game consoles. 

“I've been trying to get the PS5 since it first came out and I’ve had no luck," senior Rishad Hence said. "It's getting irritating because it’s selling out in seconds. Every time I try to buy one, they’re always gone. I don’t even get a chance."

Not everyone has had bad luck when it comes to getting their hands on the game. King senior Jaylen Reed strategized and lucked up on a console at GameStop in the early morning. 

“It feels amazing to be able to play the new PS5," Reed said. "They haven't come out with a whole new game console in years since the PS4. If I could have got more for my friends I would have."

Some individuals are selling consoles on social media and websites like eBay, Instagram and Facebook for more than the original price: $499 for the Standard Edition and $399 for the Digital Edition. Because of the gaming demand, scalpers are doubling the cost.

In a recent interview with a Russian news agency, Jim Ryan, the president of Sony Interactive Entertainment confirmed the company is trying to keep up with the demand.


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