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Teens share opinions about presidential election

<p>“Michigan for Biden” sign on display after the election in Detroit. Photo by Crusaders' Chronicle.</p>

“Michigan for Biden” sign on display after the election in Detroit. Photo by Crusaders' Chronicle.

On Nov. 3, citizens around the country cast their vote by mail or in person. After much controversy, Joe Biden will become the 46th President of the United States. There has been debate about the results. Some think it was miscounted and unfair, while others agree with the results.

"I think the results for the election are good," King senior Samiah Moore said. "I am very satisfied with how the election turned out. Everything he [Biden] said that he would do he needs to keep his promises.

“I feel good about the election results because Trump won’t be President," Michigan State University freshman Darryelle Lyles said. "I think Biden deserves this. I just hope he does something for the LGBT community and help the African American community in general. I hope he looks into the city of Detroit to fix specific problems that we constantly keep having with police brutality.” 

However, everyone is not pleased with the outcome of the election but hopes President-elect Biden helps the Black community.

“I’m not satisfied with who won because both parties are bad people," King senior Ashanti Jenkins said. "It’s like either way it goes, we’re still kind of messed up. I hope he [Biden] does something about police brutality and racism in the black community.”


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