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Cristo Rey athletic teams face challenges during COVID-19

The coronavirus has taken a toll on everyone and changed lives drastically. Many workplaces and schools are closed. However, in an effort to help students stay social and active, many schools were allowing sports to continue. 

Of course, this had to be done with a mask on and as socially distanced as possible. This was the case in Michigan until early/middle November when Gov. Whitmer announced another mandatory lockdown, which currently extends to Dec. 20. As a result, many student athletes have been affected.

Cristo Rey sophomore basketball players Jayden Wilson and Cortez Cunningham said  practice before the November lockdown was pretty much the same, however they had to wear masks, which made it hard to breathe while exercising. The basketball team also practiced fewer days and tried to stay clean and less sweaty.

“I would be heartbroken if the season is cancelled and it could be a loss of opportunity,” said Wilson. “I would love to show my talent to the school and college coaches.” 

He added that COVID-19 is causing a lot of fear in parents who don’t really want their kids participating for fear they would get sick. 

“I would be devastated if the season is cancelled,” said Cunningham. “I was looking forward to playing basketball.” 

Wilson and Cunningham said they hope the coronavirus will be under control by next season so things can go back to normal. 

Cristo Rey cheerleaders are also feeling the effect of the lockdown. 

Freshman Valentina Brown and sophomore Trinity Walker said the mask is a bit annoying while working out, but they don’t mind it too much. They said if winter sports get canceled and they can’t do anything, they would catch up on school work.

Brown said that she and her teammates have worked hard and devoted themselves to cheer, so if the entire season is canceled they will be sad. Brown is a freshman, which means she is also new to the school and hasn’t really had the chance to be in the building. She said cheer helped her socially adjust to high school.


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