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What are restaurants across Michigan doing to keep their doors open?

The three-week shutdown, and now a 12-day extension of restrictions, has many Michigan restaurants trying to figure out ways to stay open and serve their patrons. 

Restaurants in Michigan are still recovering from the first shutdown this spring, and with a lot of their patrons fearing getting COVID-19, restaurants are not making enough money to maintain keeping their business up and running.

“We are thrilled to say that we are still open and are still serving our local customers," Prime 29 General manager Stolion Liti said. "We try our best to make sure everyone stays safe by following the CDC guidelines and making sure our staff take an extra step to make every customer safe while dining with us.” 

The 12-day extension of the November order requires restaurants to serve their patrons with services such as carryout and outdoor dining. Outdoor dining still must follow the CDC guidelines and maintain at least a 6-feet distance between each table and having no more than six per table. 

 “I feel like the governor of Michigan is not as rough on us like the last time she created the stay-at-home order," server Ajdin Sullivan said. "I can work at least 3-4 days and wouldn’t have to deal with the stress of not being able to pay my bills payments on time.” 

On Dec. 7, Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer announced there likely will be a gradual easing of restrictions after this most recent restrictions expire.


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