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SMITH: There are unintended benefits of down time during COVID-19

COVID-19 has had many negative effects on people in the world. Many have lost family members, or jobs. While all of this goes on, people tend to overlook the good that is happening within the world. 

Here are some positive things that have happened during the global pandemic:

OCEAN LIFE: Without all the overfishing, boats and and people in general the wildlife there has been able to regenerate and live peacefully. Ocean life is thriving. An article on said the water has been improving in certain parts of the world, including India, Delaware bay and Malaysia.                 

FAMILY TIME: During the 2020 lockdown people have grown closer with their loved ones. Most families are always on the go and don't have time for each other but this was the perfect opportunity to grow bonds stronger.

“I’ve been able to talk and connect to my family members throughout this pandemic more than I would any other time," said Keenan Moore, a student at Renaissance High School.

REFLECTION: The lockdown has allowed people to simply sit back and think. Many people young and old have decided to start their own businesses. Most people's jobs where letting them go and this sparked the idea of becoming an entrepreneur. 

“Starting a business is both hard and stressful but just as equally fulfilling," says Bianca Alexander, owner of The Keto Kitchen and Bee Lavish. "My business has not only helped me make extra money during a pandemic but gave me a new aspect of responsibilities”


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